Coated Sand in Foundry Industry

Coated Sand in Foundry Industry

The foundry process of coated sand in my country began in the mid-1950s and entered the 1980s. With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the expansion of mechanical product exports, the demand for high-quality castings has surged, which has promoted the foundry process of coated sand and its material coating. With the rapid development of the coated sand industry, the annual production and sales volume of coated sand in my country has reached more than 900,000 tons in the 21st century, which basically meets the needs of the market.

Coated sand casting process The process of using coated sand to make a mold. The process is to inject the loose granular coated sand with compressed air into a metal core box with a certain temperature. When the coated sand is heated, the phenolic resin coated on the surface of the sand particles melts to bond the sand particles to each other. Under the action of the curing agent ornitropin, the phenolic resin rapidly transforms from a molten state into an infusible solid structure, thereby Solidified into a sand mold (core) combined mold pouring molten metal to obtain castings.

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been committed to coated sand casting for more than 11 years. The coated sand equipment produced by our company has the following advantages

1. Compared with sand casting processes such as green sand, sodium silicate sand, and resin self-hardening sand, the coated sand casting process has many outstanding advantages. Coated sand has super high strength and toughness, good fluidity and low expansion. It is suitable for manufacturing complex shell shapes and shell cores, and is used for the production of various complex precision castings.

2. The coated sand has good thermal stability and strong resistance to adhesion. The castings produced with it have smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy, which can even be comparable to the quality of investment castings.

3. The coated sand has strong adaptability and can be used for casting of various alloys such as cast iron, cast steel and cast aluminum.

4. Coated sand casting process is simple, short process, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production of small and medium castings.

5. The amount of sand used in the coated sand casting process is small, generally only one-third to one-fourth of the amount of sand used in other sand casting processes, so the production cost is lower.

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