Application of Lost Foam Casting Technology in Foundry Industry

Application of Lost Foam Casting Technology in Foundry Industry

Lost foam casting technology has entered industrial applications in China since the 1990s. After more than ten years of development, China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s lost foam casting industry has reached a certain scale and has become an important part of the foundry industry. Lost foam casting technology has also been promoted by the state and has become the most widely used high-tech to transform the traditional casting industry. At present, there are hundreds of large and small lost foam casting manufacturers in my country.

Lost foam casting is a solid casting in which foam plastic molds use dry sand without binder and vacuum technology. The main domestic names are "dry sand solid casting" and "negative compaction casting", referred to as EPC casting.

Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been working at equipment of lost foam casting for 11 years. Lost foam casting production line produced by our company has the following advantages:

1. The size and shape of the casting are accurate, the reproduction is good, and it has the characteristics of precision casting, and the surface of the casting is high.

2. The sand core and core making department were eliminated, and the casting defects and waste products caused by core making and core setting were eliminated.

4. Adopt dry sand modeling without binder, moisture, and any additives to eliminate various casting defects and waste products caused by moisture, additives and binders.

5. The sand processing system is greatly simplified, all molding sand can be reused, and the molding sand preparation department and the main waste sand department are eliminated.

6. A reasonable shape of appetite can be set in an ideal position, and it is not restricted by traditional factors such as parting and mold taking, which reduces the internal defects of castings.

7. Combined pouring, multiple parts in one box, greatly improves the process export rate and production efficiency of castings.

8. Reduce the processing allowance and reduce the low processing cost.

9. It is easy to realize mechanized automatic assembly line production, the production line is flexible, and the production of different alloys, different shapes, and different sizes of castings can be realized on one production line.

10. Reduce dust, smoke and noise pollution. The labor environment of foundry workers has been greatly improved, and labor intensity has been reduced. An industry dominated by male workers can be turned into an industry dominated by women.

11. The process operation is simplified, and the technical proficiency requirements of workers are greatly improved.

12. The lost foam casting process is not only suitable for castings with simple geometric shapes, but also more suitable for castings with multiple open edges, multiple cores, and complex geometric shapes that are difficult for ordinary casting.

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