Coated sand steel casting

Coated sand steel casting

First of all, we are required to control the sand shooting pressure and time. It should be determined according to the shape and complexity of the sand core, so that the core sand can be tightly packed in the core box. If the pressure is too high, the sand core will tend to shrink and run out of sand. If the pressure is too low, the sand core is easy to appear loose. If the sand shooting time is too long, it is easy to cause the crust to slip and cause the crust to be very thin. If the time is too short, the sand core cannot be formed.

Enterprises should contact their own plant conditions and local climate conditions to determine the storage period of sand cores. Phenolic resin and sand particles will stick to the mold during core making. It must be cleaned in time and sprayed with a release agent, otherwise the sand core will be broken or deformed when the mold is opened. With the inexhaustible improvement of raw materials, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes, the quality of coated sand has been continuously improved, and the production cost has been reduced. The application of coated sand has grown more rapidly, and the variety of products has increased continuously, and has formed a series. .

Secondly, we are required to control the hardening time. In order to make the sand shell full and hardened, the sand core should be continuously hardened in the heating core box, and the hardening time can be determined according to the shell thickness and the temperature of the core box. If the time is too short, the shell is not completely cured, so the strength will be reduced. If the time is too long, the surface of the sand core is prone to scorching. When using cast aluminum coated sand to build the shell core, the hardening time should be controlled within 20-100 seconds.

     We can choose ordinary coated sand products. This coated sand is composed of quartz sand, calcium stearate, urotropine, and novolac resin. We will not add any additives to it in actual production. This kind of coated sand is suitable for the production and manufacture of ordinary iron castings.

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