Characteristics of the Double-Arm Resin Sand Mixer

Characteristics of the Double-Arm Resin Sand Mixer

The double-arm resin sand mixer is mainly composed of a low-speed conveying cage, a high-speed mixing cage, a base, a sand hopper, a liquid conveying system, a gas pipeline system, an electric control operating system, and a sand quantitative system. The key component is a high-speed sand mixing cage shell that can be fully opened in the left and right directions for easy cleaning. The surface of the sand mixing knives is covered with wear-resistant materials, and the arrangement of the sand mixing knives has an angle. In the course of use, when a change is found, the machine should be stopped to adjust the angle. Since the resin sand mixer uses curing agent as the curing agent, and the curing agent is a weak acid and corrosive, take care to take protective measures during the addition process. The metering pump used by the resin sand mixer to deliver the curing agent also requires strong corrosion resistance, and mechanical diaphragm pumps are recommended.

  main feature:

1) The double-arm continuous resin (sand) sand mixer is a single-sand single-mixer. This machine is composed of a conveying agitating cage and a two-stage sand mixing cage. The conveying cage adopts low-speed conveying, and the sand mixing cage adopts high-speed mixing.

2) The sand mixing cage adopts a fully open type, and the cemented carbide welded on the sand mixing blade has a service life of more than 2000 hours.

3) The liquid material transportation adopts the Italian imported mechanical diaphragm metering pump to deliver the curing agent (curing agent pump), and the gear pump (with a continuously variable motor) to deliver the resin, or all imported gear pumps can be used for delivery according to user requirements.

4) The mixed molding sand head and tail sand are very small, and the electrical control system adopts imported PLC control to ensure the operating rate of the machine.

5) The liquid material delivery valve (commonly known as the proximal control valve) can choose the anticorrosive liquid material reversing valve (return valve). This valve can stop the pump without stopping, and the valve will not work when the sand mixer is working. When the pump is turned on, it is set to the return position, and when it is working again, it is set to the working position, which solves the problem of excessive head and tail sand when the pump is frequently opened. The liquid material is sprayed into a fan-shaped mist belt by compressed air, which makes it easier for the binder to be quickly and evenly mixed with the sand. A back-blowing liquid material valve with back-blowing function can also be used.

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