Talking about the function of sand treatment equipment technology

Talking about the function of sand treatment equipment technology

Talking about the function of sand treatment equipment technology

Sand processing equipment is one of the main equipment for the casting of clay sand equipment. The casting process of clay sand equipment without sand processing equipment can hardly show the characteristics of clay sand equipment casting, the excellent production environment and the stability of product quality. To

The role of sand treatment equipment:

1. Store molding sand. In order to achieve the environmental protection requirements of no sand underground in the whole casting production process. At the same time, it prevents the mutual interference and restriction formed when the sand falling and the modeling process cannot be operated simultaneously, and acts as a buffer;

2. Transport the molding sand. Realize the automation of transportation from falling sand to filling boxes, get rid of the dependence on labor, so as to improve the working environment and working conditions. To

3. Screen out impurities, sand lumps, iron flakes and other debris in the molding sand;

4. Magnetic separation to remove iron beans from the molding sand;

5. Reduce the temperature of the molding sand to below 50°C to make it within the temperature range specified in the technical requirements for modeling sand filling;

6. Remove the dust mixed into the molding sand due to the mixing of paint and the cracking of the molding sand to ensure the good air permeability of the molding sand and achieve the requirement of "no dust in the air".

Qingdao Sanzhu Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has experienced 11 years of hard work since its establishment. It specializes in R&D and production of sand making equipment production lines. It is an entity enterprise; resin sand processing production lines and clay sand processing production lines have obtained national innovation inventions patent. The coated sand processing production line has been optimized and upgraded as a whole to improve the efficiency of the recycling cycle, and combines environmentally friendly dust removal equipment to reduce the environmental pollution index. Therefore, we have obtained a number of licenses and the product quality is in line with the production of the foundry industry standard. Welcome to visit the factory.


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