The choice of the fan of the bag filter and the method of troubleshooting

The choice of the fan of the bag filter and the method of troubleshooting

What type of fan does the bag filter use?
An induced draft fan is a mechanical machine that relies on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and transport gas. It is a driving fluid machine. The working principle of the induced draft fan is the same as that of the turbo compressor. Just because the gas flow rate is low, the pressure does not change much. There is usually no need to consider changes in the specific volume of the gas, that is, the gas is considered an incompressible fluid.
 The selection of the induced draft fan of the bag filter is based on: the 20000 dust collector is only about 20PA, the pressure will rise after a few months of operation, and it can reach 500-land 00PA. The pressure of the dust collector is generally measured. The pressure difference is the actual pressure of the inlet and outlet dust collector. Generally speaking, the local resistance of the pipeline is China plus the resistance along the path, plus the estimated pressure as the dust collector, plus the additional pressure loss, and considering the air leakage rate of 10%, it is the full pressure of the fan.
The bag filter always has many faults during operation. When the dust collector fails to operate, our operators will not be overwhelmed in the event of a failure. Let''''s talk about the error that the bag filter is always easy to accept.
When our operator sees ashes in the pulse bag dust removal equipment, one thing we have to do is to stop operating the dust collector and turn off the dust collector. Then we check the reason why the dust collector is gray. Usually, the dust collector is ashed into instant "ashing" and the continuation of "ashing". Continuous ashes are usually caused by severe damage to the dust bag or binding of the dust bag. Another reason is that the gap between the upper sling of the bag filter, the flower plate and the flower plate is not tight enough. Instant "ashing" is the ash that occurs when the filter bag of the dust collector is not seriously damaged.
When the bag filter is "ashing", how do we check which filter bags are damaged? According to the numbers corresponding to the electromagnetic pulse valve and pulse controller, it can be judged that the vent is ashes and which row is the dust bag damaged. You can also use the flashlight to see which dust bag dust leaks from the upper box. If the filter bag of the dust collector is damaged, it needs to be replaced. To replace most of the dust bag when the dust collector stops working, turn off the cleaning controller when opening the bag, open the top manhole door, and then take out the skeleton, then squeeze the spring ring on the top of the bag into a concave shape, and pull the dust bag upwards , Clean the dust on the board hole after *, install a new dust bag. If it is only “ashed” for a moment, we can find the damaged filter bag using the same method as above. The filter bag is not damaged and we can repair the filter bag.
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