Product features of mesh belt shot blasting machine

Product features of mesh belt shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine refers to the casting equipment that uses high-speed projectiles thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. The shot blasting machine can simultaneously shake out, remove the core and clean the castings. Qingdao Xinyuanzhu Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specialized in shot blasting equipment for more than 11 years. Lets introduce the mesh belt shot blasting machine.

Product introduction:

The mesh belt shot blasting machine conveys the workpiece to the closed shot blasting cleaning room through the mesh belt conveyor system, and uses the high-speed rotating shot blasting impeller to accelerate the projectile to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the cleaning effect. It is a kind of cleaning disc-shaped castings. , Forgings, structural parts, etc. shot blasting equipment. The mesh belt shot blasting machine is mainly used in the automobile, aerospace, railway and machinery manufacturing industries. It is especially suitable for the surface shot blasting of thin-walled cast iron or aluminum alloy castings and other small parts. It can also be used for shot blasting of mechanical parts. 



Using a mesh belt structure, the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted by frequency conversion, shot blasting is more uniform, and the cleaning effect is high;

Using steel mesh belt, the slag skin is easy to leak, and the workpiece has good heat dissipation, which can realize the effective cleaning of high-temperature workpieces;

The pill recycling purification system adopts an overflow controllable full curtain multi-stage winnowing separator and a special polyester core hoist drive belt to realize the sorting and recycling of the pill;

The shot blasting room is equipped with a multi-layer sealed curtain that can adapt to different workpieces. The shot blasting dust removal system adopts a pulse back blow filter cartridge dust collector, which has good dust removal effect and long service life.

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