Why can resin sand equipment improve the quality of castings?

Why can resin sand equipment improve the quality of castings?

1 The standard precision of resin sand equipment is high, and the contour of the cast casting is clear. When resin sand is used, whether it is modeling or core making, it will be demolded after hardening to a certain degree. Although there is a continued hardening process after demolding, the strength of the mold or sand core during demolding is much higher than that of clay sand or oil sand cores. During demolding and subsequent handling, drying, and molding processes No deformation. Therefore, both the mold and the sand core can reproduce the standard and surface characteristics of the pattern more accurately. Other resin sand casting molds have high rigidity, and there is no water migration phenomenon after molten metal is poured. Therefore, during the entire forming process of pouring and metal solidification, there is basically no wall movement, and the casting standard shakes less.

2 The surface quality of resin sand equipment castings is advancing. The resin is pyrolyzed at high temperatures to form bright carbon on the surface of the sand particles and form a reducing atmosphere at the mold-metal interface, which is of great benefit to reducing the oxidation of the casting surface and refining the surface roughness of the casting. Resin sand equipment uses resin as a binder under the same conditions of raw sand particle size and particle size distribution to produce castings with finer surface roughness. The improvement of the surface quality of castings can also shorten the finishing time, which has an important effect on reducing costs and improving working conditions.

3 Improve the density of castings when resin sand equipment produces iron castings. When using a clay wet sand mold to make iron castings, it swells due to the shortening of the cast iron. Make the mold wall move, and the volume reduction in the solidification process cannot be compensated, so the casting will have loose dendrites. Shrinkage holes may even occur. Molded with resin sand, the rigidity of the mold is high. When the cast iron swells before being shortened, it is difficult to expand the mold. As a result, the liquid metal is forced to fill the gaps between the dendrites, and the dendrites are greatly reduced. Prone to produce convergent shrinkage holes. Therefore, the density of the casting is higher than that of the wet mold made by clay sand. When using resin sand equipment, small iron castings generally do not need to be equipped with feeder risers, and the process yield of castings can be increased by 5% to 15%.

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