Analysis of Vertical Parting Boxless Injection Molding Line

Analysis of Vertical Parting Boxless Injection Molding Line

With the widespread use of sand casting, the vertical boxless manufacturing machine has the advantages of fast production cycle, high casting precision, low cost, and small influence of human factors. It is deeply loved by casting customers, so it is in various foundries. It has been widely used. Sanzhuji combines the manufacturing process of the vertical boxless molding line, the investment cost, and the molding process to give a targeted explanation.
1. Analysis of characteristics of vertical boxless molding line
The vertical parting boxless shooting molding line has the following outstanding advantages:
1.1 The production of castings has high precision. The accuracy of some manufacturers'''' equipment can reach ±0.1mm, and the amount of wrong box is ≤±0.25mm.
1.2 High production efficiency. For castings with simple structure, the vertical molding speed of DISA231 can reach 550 molds/h, and the production efficiency of the ZZ416C vertical parting boxless injection molding machine produced by Baoding Weier Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. can also reach 500 molds/h. Such a high molding speed is an effective guarantee for increasing the production capacity of large-scale foundries.
1.3 The consumption of molding sand is small. Since the sand mold is a double-sided sand mold, the common sand consumption of the two cavities can be reduced; because it is a closed sand shot, there is less sand scattered.
1.4 The size of the equipment is small and the occupied area is small.
1.5 The degree of automation is very high, basically unattended production can be achieved.
1.6 Due to the boxless shape, the air permeability is better.
1.7 Low labor intensity, low noise and low dust.
2. There are also some problems in the production process of the vertical parting boxless injection molding line:
2.1 Sand core requirements are high. Because the core is placed in the vertical direction, it is required to ensure reliable box positioning after core placement. Therefore, not only the structure and positioning of the sand core are relatively high, but also the strength and accuracy of the sand core are relatively high.
2.2 The core setting will affect the productivity of the machine. The manual assembly of the core will reduce the production speed of the molding line and become a bottleneck restricting the production capacity of the molding line.
2.3 The core space is relatively small. Because the sand box is eliminated, the box closing and positioning functions of the sand box are integrated on the template on the main pressing plate. Since the stroke of the main pressure plate is very limited, the space for the lower core is small and the lower core conditions are harsh. In order to solve this problem can be equipped with automatic core setting mechanism.
2.4 The area utilization rate of the plate is low. Due to the vertical molding process, the metal has a higher dynamic and static pressure head during pouring. Due to the boxless modeling, in order to ensure that the box does not collapse during continuous modeling, the amount of sand eaten around the parting surface is larger than that of horizontal parting. In order to ensure that there is no "fire running" during pouring, the amount of sand eaten around the parting surface is larger than that of horizontal parting. In addition, the pouring riser system and exhaust ducts are also distributed on the parting surface, so the molding surface The utilization factor is low.
2.5 Special casting process. The pouring riser is larger, and the process yield is lower than that of the horizontal part casting process.
2.6 Because there is no sand box, it is easy to increase the box when producing large parts.
2.7 The template wears relatively quickly. Although the sand shooting pressure is not high, because it is sand shooting, the template wears faster than the horizontal type.
2.8 The production of complex parts is difficult. If you want to take advantage of the high production efficiency of the extrusion line, the product should be a product with small parts, simple and simple, and no core setting. If the core setting machine is used to lower the core, the depth of the sand core should be considered, and the weight of the sand core is small. .
2.9 Because the pouring speed is fast, it is best to use a pouring machine for pouring. Vertical sub-type boxless injection molding is generally equipped with plug rod bottom injection or air pressure plug rod insulation pouring furnace, and uses infrared, camera and other electronic technology to control the action of the plug rod to ensure continuous pouring without overflow.
2.10 The production cycle is fast, and the cooling speed will increase accordingly, which will have a certain impact on the material uniformity of thick and large castings. It is necessary to consider inoculating with the flow or extending the cooling section.
3. Qingdao Xinyuanzhu''''s investment advice for vertical parting boxless injection molding line
In general, choosing a vertical parting molding line will effectively increase the production speed of the foundry, but it is also based on the foundry''''s "soft and hard" strength. When choosing the vertical parting boxless injection molding line, the hardware must be excellent, and hardware facilities such as smelting equipment and core setting equipment matched according to the performance parameters of the molding equipment. In addition, companies should have a high level of technical management and sufficient output. It should be emphasized that different molding lines may be more suitable for different products. When choosing a molding line, you must consider your own products, capital, technical strength, good cost performance, and business development needs. You must not blindly follow the trend.
The following suggestions are put forward for enterprises that need to invest in vertical parting boxless injection molding:
3.1 The company''''s products are mainly large-volume small parts, and the material types are relatively concentrated. Castings with no more than 3 sand core combinations can be planned to be produced on a vertical parting boxless injection molding line.
3.2 The melting capacity needs to be matched accordingly to take advantage of the high production efficiency of the vertical parting boxless injection molding line. According to the characteristics of mass production of small parts, multiple melting furnaces should be equipped, and a single melting furnace is generally 2-6t (2t furnace is finished in 1h, and the melting capacity is limited), calculated according to the production efficiency of the vertical parting boxless injection molding line Multiple melting furnaces can be designed so that different casting production can be conveniently switched, thereby improving production efficiency.
3.3 The vertical parting boxless injection molding line must also design a sufficiently long cooling section. Because the vertical parting boxless injection molding line has rapid molding and pouring, if there is no sufficiently long cooling section, it is impossible to ensure that the casting is fully cooled before opening the box, which will result in unstable casting material.
3.4 The vertical molding has high requirements on the performance of molding sand, and high-quality sand mixing equipment and sand reclamation equipment are required to match the demand and quality requirements of molding sand.
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